Here’s what others are saying:

“Forewarned is forearmed – that’s the thrust of this handy book outlining the highs, the lows, the etiquette and the essentials of travelling solo. Designed specifically for people taking tours on their own………healthy dollops of inspiration and encouragement are dished out…..”
– Julietta Jameson, Journalist
‘Traveller’  Sydney Morning Herald

“The Solo Traveller’s Compass is a fantastic read that I would recommend to all solo travellers of any age group as it covers all the frequently asked questions.   Justine takes the traveller through the entire journey in terms of researching the holiday; mentally preparing for it and hundreds of fantastic tips on how to handle various situations whilst on the holiday.   After reading the book the solo traveller would feel very confident about the journey ahead and just look forward to a holiday with like-minded travellers and returning home having made a lot of new friends.”
– Stacia Morris, General Manager
Grand Pacific Tours

“Packed full of great information for solo travellers……It’s just a beautiful book and amazingly put together. …”
– Kerrie Phipps, Author

“It is a very valuable book with very good comments for those travelling for the first time solo.  I am planning on travelling in a group this time and I found Justine’s comments very appropriate.  She has repeated the important things to remember and I have taken note !!.”
– Julieann Kingsford
Reader & first time solo traveller

“Although not a novice traveller and very much at ease with dining alone etc, have already picked up some useful tips and am very happy with my purchase. Your book is so easy to read and understand, including the ‘between-the-lines’ stuff, and certainly addresses a significant need. I love it.”
– Steve
Reader & experienced solo traveller